The Vegas Strip Tease Game

How well do you know your gambling jargon? Can you tell the difference between a royal flush and a full house? Here’s the ultimate test for you then; 50 unbelievably difficult yet simple visual gambling terms hidden around the famous Las Vegas skyline. Take on your friends, colleagues and family members and see who will fold and who will win the jackpot!

How To Play

Use the navigation bar to move your way around the screen; you can also use your mouse to zoom in and out, as well as grabbing the screen to move around whilst you’re zoomed in. Double click on any of the visual clues to bring up the guessing bar and type in what you think the gambling term is!

The Rules

If you’re having trouble with a visual clue, you can use the ‘ask a friend’ button to get a hint from one of your pals. Once you’ve made your prediction, you’ll be shown whether you were right (green tick), close (amber circle), or completely wrong (red cross). Give it a try now with one of the easier clues! You can guess as many times as you like, and your score is shown at the top of the screen.

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Keep track of your score at the top of the page. Once you’ve got all of them, brag about it to your friends via Facebook and Twitter. If you’re having trouble with some of the trickier terms, ask your friends for help. You can save the game, so you can come back to it later if you need a break or you’re playing at work and your boss is giving you dirty looks.

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All 50 Clues

All or Nothing
Rich, well dressed person standing next to a poor, scruffy person. Poor person has 0% written on clothing

‘Deal or No Deal’ image – red boxes and red phone with game show host holding the phone.

Banker rolling money

A beef burger

Bingo roller machine sitting atop of one of the buildings

Black Book
Black book placed under the bridge

A black jack in the box

Blind bet/blinds/big and little blind
3 blind mice (similar to the ones from the cartoon film Shrek) playing cards/roulette

Break even
Snapped in half piece of wood with number 2 written in between

Golden gate bridge placed across the river

A woman’s bust

Catching Cards
Man in baseball outfit wearing a baseball mitt ready to catch cards which are falling from the sky

Counting cards
Image of Count Dracula surrounded by playing cards

Fairground ride with horses

Woodpecker pecking a wooden telegraph pole with a pile of wood chips collected on the floor below it

Caveman holding a large club

A baby’s crib

Cut the cards
Pack of cards being cut by a large pair of scissors

Two gentlemen passing a briefcase or large envelope between them, shaking hands

Tennis scoreboard showing 40/40

Large sparkling diamonds held by woman

Face cards
Cards on floor with face cards up

5th Street
Road sign indicating the name of the 5th Vegas Street in the image

5 card trick
Magician’s hat and a 5 card

Origami bird flying in the sky

Bottle of non-brand gin

Large pointing hand

Heart balloon held by woman

Hit/hit me
Two boxers fighting

House at the back

Bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, (non branded, looks similar)

A ‘Jack’ card in a pot

Elvis Presley dressed in Vegas finery

A monkey hanging from the bridge

Hole with a miner standing in it

Plug out of the river

Red hot fire poker on the bridge

Poker Face
Lady Gaga poster

Jetty in the River

Freddie Mercury on the grass

Royal Flush
Toilet with crown on it

Sharks fin appearing from out of the River

A shoe

2 cowboys ready to draw, with a clock above them showing noon

Snake eyes
Snake with dice

A few spades/shovels propped against one of the buildings

Cards showing all 4 suits

The whole river

Wild Card
A wild lady crossed playing card

Whales blow hole visible in the River