Infographic: Women Spend Longer Gambling But Lose Less Than Men

Live Roulette Publish ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Gambling Stats

We have released new data based on our online gaming site, revealing the differences in gambling habits between men and women – and we’ve found some surprising results.

According to site figures from the past year, the study looked at three of our most popular casino games – baccarat, blackjack and roulette – to show how the genders prefer to play.

The report shows that men far exceed women in terms of player numbers. But whilst some 82% of our regular users are men, it’s the ladies who are clocking up the most time playing at 9 hours on average per month as opposed to 6.5 hours for men.

At the same time, women appear to be more conservative about how much money they bet. On average, a single deposit by a female player totals £67, while for men it’s a more careless £94. As a result, the average amount lost by girls each month is nearly a third less than their male counterparts – £221.66 versus £309.12.

The age stats reveal more about our demographic than any ‘battle of the sexes’. The average age of our female players is 29, while the average age of the men is 33 – indicative of the our exciting, youth-oriented direction. We say that ‘our regular players are old enough to have a bit of money in their back pocket. They’re mostly young professionals – male and female – with a couple of hundred quid to spend in a casino each month’.

One of the more revealing sets of data is the types of game played by each gender. There’s not much in it for both blackjack and baccarat, but roulette appears to be preferred by women:


Game Men Women
Roulette 49% 62%
Blackjack 33% 27%
Baccarat 18% 11%


What can we draw from these figures? This is what the director had to say about it:

“Our stats show that, though the ladies are a little warier of betting big than the blokes, they lose less money in the long run. As with most appetites, men tend to be ‘hungrier’ and consequently more reckless with their gambling. They also tend to prefer games with an element of skill, such as blackjack, while the women tend to put their faith in Lady Luck, heading straight for the random chance of the roulette wheel.”

“There’s no clear winner in the Battle of the Sexes. But we’d like to test the inconclusive data by encouraging more ladies to try their hands at a skill-based game like blackjack. Equally, the fellas should head to the roulette wheel to find out if their luck is as strong as their skill.”



To make it easy to understand, we’ve taken all this data and put it into a fun and simple infographic. Take a look below to find out what you could be missing out on because of your casino deposits! If your a masculinist or a feminist…don’t scroll down, you won’t like what you see!

Click the infographic to see it full size



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